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Books and Authors:

Here we are listed out books name along with authors name. please go through it.

Books                                                                 Author

We, Indians                                                     Khushwant Singh

Savitri                                                              AurobindoGhosh

Rangbhoomi                                                    Prem Chand

Post Office                                                      Rabindranath Tagore

Our Films,Their Films                                     Satyajit Ray

My Truth                                                         Indira Gandhi

Glimpses of World History                              Jawaharlal Nehru

Gitanjali                                                          Rabindranath Tagore

Gora                                                                Rabindranath Tagore

Discovery of India                                           Jawaharlal Nehru

Bunch of old letters                                        Jawaharlal Nehru

Broken Wings                                                  Sarojini Naidu

Court Dancer                                                  Rabindranath Tagore

It is always Possible                                        KiranBedi

Non-violence in Peace and War                     M K Gandhi

Unhappy India                                                 LalaLajpatRai

Without Fear or Favour                                  NeelamSanjeeva Reddy                     

Cricket My Style                                              KapilDev

Raghuvamsa                                                   Kalidas

Kumar Sambhav                                              Kalidas

Sunny Days                                                    Sunil Gavaskar

Hindu View of Life                                          Dr. S Radhakrishnan

Wealth of Nations                                           Adam Smith

Hungry Stones                                                Rabindranath Tagore

Death of a City                                                Amrita Pritam

The Godfather                                                 Mario Puzo

Guide                                                             R.K.Narayan

Mahabharata                                                  Vyas

Freedom at Midnight                                      Dominique Lapierre

Das Kapital                                                      Karl Marx

Comedy of Errors                                            William Shakespeare

India Divided                                                   Rajendra Prasad

Meghdut                                                         Kalidas

War and Peace                                               Leo Tolstoy

Time Machine                                                 H.G. Wells

Bhagwat Gita                                                  VedVyas

Shape of Things to Come                                H.G. Wells

Mahabharata                                                  Sarala Das

The Future of Freedom                                   FareedZakaria