On which date does No Smoking Day fall this year, considering that it is observed every year on the second Wednesday of March?

  • March 8
  • March 9
  • March 7
  • March 6
Answer- A

No Smoking Day is an annual event that is observed on the second Wednesday of March to raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and to encourage people to quit smoking. In 2023, No Smoking Day will be held on March 8th. This day is significant because it provides an opportunity for smokers to reflect on their habit and make a commitment to quitting.

No Smoking Day is a global initiative that is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is supported by various organizations and health agencies, who work together to spread awareness about the dangers of smoking and provide resources to help people quit. The day also serves as a reminder for non-smokers to support their friends and family members who smoke and encourage them to quit.