Average Aptitude Practice test

Average Practice test on Aptitude - Welcome to freeonlinetest online exam portal, here you will get 20+ Average questions with solutions. Before proceeding test please read the tricks carefully, so that you can solve these questions easily.

Average Trick:1

If the average of '$n_1$' numbers is $a_1$ and the average of '$n_2$' numbers is $a_2$, then average of total numbers $n_1$ and $n_2$ is

Average = ${n_1a_1 + n_2a_2}/{n_1 + n_2}$

Average Trick:2

If A goes from P to Q with speed x km/h and returns from Q to P with speed y km/h, then the average speed of total journey is

Average speed = ${2xy}/{x + y} = \text"total distance"/\text"total time taken"$
Average Trick:3

If each number is multiplied by a certain number, then the average is also multiplied by that number.

Let - The average of x numbers is p. If each number is multiplied by q, then the average of the new set of numbers will be

Required average =p×q

Test instructions :

  • Total number of questions : 20
  • Each question carries 1 mark
  • Negative marks of Each Questions: 0.25
  • Skiping questions No marks will deduct.
  • Time allotted : 30 minutes