HR Interview Questions

HR interviews are one of the compulsory rounds for every kind of job. Normally it takes years to analyze one single person. But still why HR interview round is conducted? Because it is just to have a small gist on what you are..? How will you work in their company…? And how you behave when you are placed in a typical corporate lifestyle…? or government sector..? Your working attitude… and everything will be just noted and highlighted but not remarked just by one interview. Mostly these interviews are kept to know how good you are in expressing and also how creatively you think to handle situations. If it is a government HR interview round then make sure that you at least know about the famous persons related to the organization to which you are going for an interview and try to know more about the state/ economics status and all.

So here we are giving you such small hint on what all the common types of questions you face and the way to answer them. We are not giving you the exact answer to be said in an interview but giving some frames on what you have to answer accordingly which may be helpful to you. So that you should not miss one of the best opportunities you face. There are many differences in HR rounds. Some of them are:

1.Informational interview

2.Telephonic round

3.One to one interview

4.One to many interview

5.Behavioral interview

6.Stress interview

7.Video conference interview

8.Situational interviews

Here we have given a combination of all the above formats in this site. Where all these questions are most commonly you come across day to day. But when it is the time to answer you have to make sure that your answer is clear and you are confident enough in your answer.

Here we will see a live interview case where you will be faced questions in a flow but not like random basics. Things are asked from the words which you say. Answer in a very confident manner, freely and should not get tense and hesitate for words in front of him.

Let us consider all these questions are asked by an interviewer and a person came to him for interview.

First basic question is:

1. Tell me something about yourself?

     The first best question for an interviewer to have an impression on you. Explain about all those which you wrote in your resume. Never change the lines from your submitted resume to this answer. Explain about the best in your education, your extra qualifications.

Ans.) My Name is Padam Naveen. I have completed my under graduation from JNTU with distinction, my father is a farmer and my mother is home maker. My siblings work for IT industries and have their own business. My interest is to become a software engineer and can exhibit al that education which I was learning from all these years. Other than this, I play cricket, I am a good film maker too. Now if we see here, Naveen has explained about himself, then his family then about this other personal interests. There is flow of explaining about you in a better manner. Those are first telling about yourself, education, then about his family background, and end it up with your hobbies, interests. Now the second question will arise from the above said words.

2. Good…… so how many siblings you have? And what are they doing?

Ans.) I have 2 elder brothers. Elder one is having his own Transport business and the younger brother work for an IT industry.

3. You have any plans for studying further?

If you are interested then tell accordingly.

Ans.) yes I am interested in MBA in finance. But I want to do it after 2 or 3 years of working experience. Not as of now

4. Who do you like most in cricket? And why?

They ask such question to know about your explanation that you give for your answers. By which the candidate’s way of looking into things can be judged.

Ans.) I like Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh in cricket. I like the way Sachin keep holds of the game when it’s important for the team to stand up with more wickets, and Yuvi with the way he handle when it’s the need of more runs in short span of time.

5. So what are you in the cricket team? How you name yourself as? A Sachin or Yuvraj?

This type of questions is asked to know about the judgment you give to your style of work.

Ans.) I am an all rounder. I am little near to Yuvi still I am me not anybody else. I am very good in batting.

6. Hmm… great to hear it…. let’s think about a situation where you are a player in the team and Your team is losing the match. What you do from your side to help your team? Now this question is to test your ability as a team player. Here comes the same role be played in a company. So answer it in such a way that you are helping your team

Ans.) It’s related to my position in the game. If i am on the ground I try to hold on my place and will try to give my best…. If I am outside the ground then I try to encourage the players, by giving some suggestions on what best can be done and some things which the player is not observing.

7. What are your interests?

Never club your likes and interests. Be clear with what your interest is, what your hobby is, and what your passion is. Interests are those things which you have a feeling or a wish to learn more about it or about somebody or about anything. Hobby is something which you regularly do in your free time and Passion is having a strong emotion which is barely controllable. Make sure that you never tell watching television is my hobby; this may give a bad impression on the candidate. If you feel you are damn sure about your hobby of watching T.V then make sure that you are ready to answer all those questions going to face soon…

Ans.) I have interest in film making and my hobby is playing videogames, cricket, browsing internet, and sometimes writing stories for my films.

8. What type of videogames you play?

Answer in a technical perspective, entertainment perspective, categorize it clearly why you like any game, support yourself for what you got attracted to the game

Ans.) I play EA sport’s Cricket and temple run all versions and puzzle words games. I feel like they need lots of concentration on focus on to them when we play it. If we are out of focus even for sometime then the game is over… I like playing puzzle games and cube games too.

9. You said your hobby is browsing… what do you browse for?

Never tell Facebook and twitter or any other social networks are the ones you browse. Your browsing things should be useful. Spending time on social networks may lead to bad impression on the candidate as time wasting guy. If you even tell that as your answer then try to explain the good things you got through it or the positive features of it and its good impact. Tell something other than that what you search for?

Ans.) I browse for the new cars, mobiles, and I am passionate on bikes so I usually search for them and I also search for old historical places. The interviewer will now test you whether you really browse for them or for the name same you are telling those. The next question will be something like...

10. What is the newest car that you searched for and what is the price of it?

This all is just to know about how much memory you have on the things that you do daily.

Ans.) I like Rolls Royce cars. They are very expensive. The recent one is Rolls Royce phantom extensive I think and its cost is somewhere around 5 crores. But I liked it so much. I wish to have it.

11. Explain about your long term goals and short term goals?

Long term goals are those which you want to become after a span of 5 years and short term goals are those which you want to become in less span of time of maximum 2 years. Explain about your goals accordingly…

Ans.) I want to be in such a position where I should be easily able to handle a team of 50 to 60 members and with great communication skills and corporate skills towards my clients. this is my long term goal but As of now my short term goal is to start up my career to achieve my long-term goal. For that I should work in a best platform where I can keep on learning some new things.

12. What is the biggest strength in you?

Explain about your strengths. That can be anything, your confidence, your parents, your ambitions whatever you feel explain it.

Ans.) my biggest strength is my self confidence and also my parents. My parents always boost me up when I feel weak and my self confidence is the best armor of my life.

13. Give the reason for me to take you into our company?

Explain about those special qualities you have and how you are different from others and what best you are going to give them as they are hiring you to their company

Ans.) I am very good hard worker and also a quick learner. I can handle things in a smart and better way where everybody fails to that. And also I am a good decision maker. I can take right decisions in right time which is the important thing for any candidate to work in a company as yours.

14. What are your weaknesses?

Never tell that you don’t have any weaknesses. Think and tell this answer before you loud out. Answer in such a way that you weakness is one type of your strength. If you say I am very bad temper which may be really your weakness but don’t share this one. If you do so then they may have some bad impression on your profile. Share the other one. Something which is not your weakness but it may also be your strength.

Ans.) yes. I am having a weakness. I can’t spend time leisurely. I have to do something to spend my time. So I keep on searching for any works, fun makings or any creative things so that I can keep myself strong always. I am trying to overcome this by making use of time in a useful way instead of doing simple funny things.

15. What made you to come here to attend an interview with our company?

Don’t simply tell that I need a job. As we all know that we need some earning. If you even give the same answer just try to explain why you want to earn money?

Ans.) I have pretty reasons for this. Firstly, I have my one of the ambitions to work with such a multinational company as yours, secondly I want to have some earning of my own, as of now I am 22 and I don’t want to depend on my parents for my lifestyle, next I want see myself in a good position where everybody respect me, and this organization is such famous that it gives reputation even to the employees.

16. Are you interested to work on shifts?

Ans.) Yes. I am bachelor (with a smile). So I don’t have any issues with changing my shifts and all. I can work in any environment.

17. Give me an example of your ‘good hard worker’ tag you named yourself?

Again explain with one example how you are a good hard worker.

Ans.) I can tell you this with one of the experiences of my life. In the time of our college anniversary we planned for a skit and some of them didn’t turn up to help us. But I took the responsibility, arranged everything before day staying for long in time in college and finally made it a big success. Everybody appreciated me for my work.

18. Alright mister Naveen lets have some generic questions. Tell me how will you react when you are under pressure?

To answer such type of questions its better you take some examples of your own life and explain them how you reacted in those situations.

Ans.) I am a guy with more patience compared to others. If we take up an example of my project work, in my last Semister of engineering we had over project review and lab review which had to be complete in very less time and I took a project which will take more time than that. I have to plan my presentations, and records and all. By the end o the day I completed and submitted all in time. So I feel myself proud for that.

19. What are the things irritates you mostly in a work place?

Such types of questions are asked so that they can take out some negative areas of you. Try to be smarter in answering such answers.

Ans.) I irritate if somebody interrupts me in my work.i cannot resist it. But I try to look pleasant for some time. Even if they continue I will try to say them politely not to disturb my work. And no other chances more to irritate me.

20. Can you explain how good creative thinker you are?

Creativity is the other major quality of a candidate where a company expects for. So explain about those things which you newly thought of and succeeded in it. I do many creative things within my limit which I can find in my premises and so… some examples of it are I created a bird using all the nuts, bolts, pins, and many other iron and steel things. Other than this I also prepared a home with pens, pencils of different shape, sizes and of different colors. Best of all is I produced electricity from banana’s peel. Though it is of less voltage if we can take more peels which everybody throw from their home, will be definitely efficient for producing electricity for their single home at least. Which I produced in my school science fair and also awarded for it.

21) Tell me about a time when your work on an idea of yours was criticized. And how did you handle it?

There must be any situation among your friends, or in the family or in the school life where you must be criticized for your idea which you explained. Share/ Explain about that same situation over here. Oh yes, I have been criticized for few ideas. The most expected one which is being criticized is about the robot creation for data transferring within our college. It is being rejected on security reasons. Though I was disappointed little for it, but still got chance on thinking more on it in depth.

22) Did you face any situation where you don’t have an idea about the technology, or methodology in doing the thing but you had do it? Then how do you handle it?

This question is to know about how good are you in behaving all the unexpected situations. Remember that your reaction over here should not impact the work which you have to complete. Only once I have been in such situation where I don’t know the subject and I have to work on it. The topic is to prepare a presentation on Nano robotics and i just have an idea on sensing robots, and general auto robots but not on nano robotics. So I had to learn about it so much, and then prepared a presentation. I just worked it out anyhow but could not be able to answer all the questions of an experienced judge on Nano robotics topic.

23)Are you ready to work in any of the locations? Because we have requirement out of your state too?

Explain them whether you are really interested or not. If you say yes for it then it can be any place in north or south or any other part of India. If you are not interested in going to other places

Ans.) I would love that. I am ready to move to other places and explore. I don’t have any problem in moving out of state or out of country.

24) What all are the options that you have in your career?

Career options in the sense they are asking about all those options if you have other than employment. Tell them what all the possibilities you have foe employment, or a businessman…

Ans.) right now in front of me I have an option of employing with one of the top MNC companies as yours and get identified as a software engineer of such big organization. I am giving my best here by mistake even if I miss here I will come back with more efforts and after shining up myself with more those skills which you look for.

25) If you get an opportunity of going into your past what is the thing that you want to change?

Ans.) I fought with one of my best friend in my school. I want to go and change that and bring my friend back into my life. I realized the mistakes which i done at that time. I just want to correct all of them. And I miss my grandmother so much. She died while I am in my intermediate. I just want to go back and spend more time over there with her.

26) What do you know about our organization?

Before coming to interview be prepared with all the details of organization and its some of the milestones this will help you in answering this question. Ans)I know this is in top 3 of the all MNC companies. It has XXX capital investment and XXXX number of employees. It develops XXXXX technologies.

27) In what areas you want to improve yourself after one year?

Explain about the growth that you want to look in yourself technically after a year or too Ans)I will improve my technical skills and also behavioral skills of group in the coming one year. I will make myself best in all the corporate skills.

28) Think in a case that you got this job. Now tell me what all the goals will you have in your mind?

Tell the goals that you want to setup. If you don’t have any idea then don’t panic and answer them that you will try to give the best.

Ans.) I will first setup good environment, good relation with my team mates, understand the working life, and the will know the rules and regulations of working style. These will be my first priority then I will know about important personalities of the organization, way to approach.

29) Which was the most satisfied goal of yours in your previous environment?

When you setup some goals you should be able to achieve them. There must be many things in your life which you have set of achieving them and finally achieved. Tell those goals and the success story to the interviewer. Ans) I have set up a goal of acquiring 80% percentage on an aggregate of my four years and I succeeded in that. Which is my best ever goal till now. The rest all though I have set up and succeeded this gave me most happiness.

30) Did you face any troubles in coming up over here in this position, well educated and getting jobs in one of the multinational companies? You have any such in your life?

I am sure many of us must have faced many hurdles throughout our education life or many. If you really have any such then explain them. If not then explain about your peaceful journey of education and career life.

Ans.) No I didn’t have much hurdles in my life regarding the education or career life. It was little simple and painless path. I had to go under stress for only few days and that too after intermediate because of some family issues. Rest that I had a peaceful life in my career.

31) Have you undergone any such situation where you have been challenged?

Challenging positions/ things/work is such a place you cannot easily work on, or move on but still you have to do it. so just think about such situations in your life where you are challenged and succeeded.

Ans.) no, was never challenged for any such position for thing in my life. I expect it to happen in my future but as of now so such situations.

32) Was there any situation which highlighted your spoken skills which you are focusing on some point that have to be done?

This question is meant to know about your spoken /communication skills in a mass or in any group of people where your skills are respected. Explain about them with any of the situations in your life.

Ans.) I don’t think I got such an opportunity to get things around my word. But there are few situations where when I started speaking then audience become silent and have their ears on my words. This will be mostly when I start giving a seminar or even in some of the fun activities.

33) Explaining things to other people or the higher level people is an easy task or difficult task for you?

Again this question is also meant to know about your spoken /communication skills in a mass or in any group of people and also in explaining things that you know to others.

Ans.) I am pretty good in explaining things. That may be to a higher authority person, or the beginner. I have an idea of how to explain the things basing on the level of their understanding.

34) Brief on the most important written document, or a presentation or any report which you prepared/ completed?

Written documents can be anything of subject related or project related or even about the presentations which you prepare in college days, school days and so on. Those are important in knowing your presentation skills.

Ans.) Written documents in the sense we prepared our project reports in complete bind book format in our last semester of engineering. That report contains all the information which is useful with the project. For that report alone we are being appraised on the work. Other than that, the presentation which I give, are self prepared and they are of many in number. Some of them are even certified.

35) Describe any example of yours on communication skills to a person who doesn’t like you personally?

The question itself makes you understand that it is to know about your communication skills again but this time it is to know about the behavior which you carry to a person whom you don’t like

Ans.) This I had to face many times. I don’t know why but my lecturer not used to like me. so when the time came for explaining my project to my lecturer she was not impressed with the topic that I have selected for. So she had many refuses for my project. I patiently solved all those troubles, answered her all questions in a polite manner and finally got my project approved for submission. In this more than my subject knowledge my communication skills played important role.

36) As you are a player and all you must have faced this type of situation where the team would not obey your words and will not work well together. How did you manage such team?

Generally these types of questions are asked to know about your team player or team leader role once they take you into their organization how will you behave with such a team which doesn’t listen to you or which doesn’t work well even under guidance. There should be a proper way of answering the question. The answer can also be in the below way.

Ans.) I have faced such situations when a new cricket team has formed up with new players. There used to be few players who had their own timings, rules and regulations. When it comes to a match we always used to have trouble with those guys. So what I did is I spoke to them once explained them all the rules regulation and way of playing on field, in critical situations and so on. And then on whenever they used to repeat their mischief I used to report the same to our coach and he used to handle those guys. This way I somehow controlled our team discipline and togetherness.

37) What you work for? Is that for Work Satisfaction or for money?

I know that many will work for money and some will work for work satisfaction. But give nice justification for whatever the answer which you have. Justifying yourself is the important thing you need to consider it on.

Ans.) this question is little sensitive. Because I need both. I need my work satisfaction and also correct identification of it. When I have work satisfaction but not earning then I cannot take it easily. And though I have good earning and I don’t have work satisfaction even then I can’t take up the work. So I need both in my life.

38) Do you have any considerations in not working with some of the people?

This type of question is to know about your working environment and hoe easily you will be moving on with different kind of people. So answer according to your own considerations if you have.

Ans.) No I done have any such considerations saying that I will not be able to work with such kind of people or such state people. I am an easy going guy. I will not have any discrepancy with the other person religion or region or any other thing.

39) If I go and ask a feed back of yours to your juniors. What would they say? They will like you or fear of you?

Ans.) Sure, You will get a good feedback from many. I would be mostly liked by many and respectedmore than fear. They will be seeing a good person to interact with most of the time instead of fear.

40) Do you have any idea on service to customer?

Customer service is the other main important thing a candidate should have to work in projects. So this is an important question to know about the candidate’s way of speaking to customer.

Ans.) customer service is very important for those who handle multinational clients in their organization as yours. I can handle such situations politely as I also consider that customer service is not a department. It’s every one’s responsibility.

41) Describe about any of the best ideas that are being discussed, and implemented by all you?

These types of questions are to know about your way of implementing or getting things done which you have meant for?

Ans.) in my college we don’t used to have a bridge like thing between students and management. No proper interaction and no proper communication. There even used to be not even some idea acceptance methodology. So we in our college formed up as a team i.e., club and started collecting up group of ideas from students used to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and the best used to go the management level of approval which the club members used to do. I think this is the best idea which I have implemented and was very successful. This is still running in our college with new club members.

42) Are you multi tasking person?

Explanation to this question internally means to know about you, when in a team and when you will be handled with more than one task to complete. How will you handle such situations?

Ans.) I am a multi tasking person. There are many situations where I can prove myself. A small thing which I consider is priority of things. If I want the second task to complete faster then I will keep my first task aside, complete my second task then come back to my first task and complete it. this way I handle my multi tasks.

43) How will you plan a day? What all the dealings you have in a day and priorities assigned to them?

As I already told you there is possibility that questions will be arising only from our own words which we use as answers. So explain the way your day is planned.

Ans.) in the morning I will definitely note of all the important tasks that I have to complete the same day, and also which can be completed later on. This way I assign priorities to all my deals and by the end of the day I will cross check the high priority things which had to complete by the end of the day are completed or not. This will also help me in remembering the things often.

44) Did you go through the role LEADER any time?

This type of question is to know about your leader ship skills and how good you were in that.

Ans.) Oh yes, I have been as a leader for many events in our college. Some of them are technical fests, cultural festivals in my department, college anniversary celebrations and many such events. Whenever I organize, I consider of only one thing I will get things done by them. Other than this I do nothing. I make such environment they will start showing up their own talent in to the work, and I will definitely guide them If they need any help or such.

45) Will you be able to adapt to the new technologies which we ask you and even train you in that?

This is such a question which most of the industries wanted to know for. Because though you get train in one technology there may be a situation where they need urgency in other technology so they will train some of the candidates for that new technology. Tell what is possible for you.

Ans.) Yes I can learn new technologies when in need. But I will make sure that I will work with such a technology in which I am good and best than others.

46) How do you motivate your team mates or any people? Can you give any examples of the same?

Such questions will be asked to know about your behavior towards the team.

Ans.) I keep motivating myself and i also help my mates in that. I keep people inspiring people around me when they disappoint in any things. i motivate them with some of the live examples in outside world. One of the best I did is one girl used to be there in my college named saarika. She had very good voice she sings amazingly. But she has lots of stage fear. Then I motivated her in one of our college auditions to participate. She tried on that day, it was her first song on stage. I was so happy for that. She is now practicing music in Delhi music academy. The same happened with some other boy, who have confusion with his career and he don’t know what he have in front of him. I did only one thing. I explained all those good and bad of the paths he have in front of him. Then he took his own decision and now he is working with

47) What are things that will break your patience?

Having patience is the best quality of a person in stressed area of jobs. So when they ask such questions answer at what level your patience breaks.

Ans.) there are very few things which break my patience. I will get patience less only when I lose all my hopes and beliefs in things. But what I do to overcome is try to move out of the place, get some refreshment, have some break outside with friends try get some energy from my loved things and will again comeback with new spirit.

48) What expectations you have after this interview?

This is to test your confidence level after your interview.

Ans.) I am pretty confident after this and was even before this. As confidence is my strength I will never lose it.

49) Let us consider some rating of A B C D. A is the best of all then B then C then least is D. if you are an interviewer how you rate for such a candidate as you?

Never underestimate your rating or your appearance had they seen. Be confident in rating yourself what you feel the best as.

Ans.) I will definitely rank with grade A to a candidate as mine.

50) From how many days you have been in search of a job. And this is your which one? Some questions will be just asked to know about your current situation and the way you are carrying yourself in front of them will make an impression.

Ans.) this is my first MNC Company. Previously I used to attend only for college mock interviews, mock selections out of the college. I never tried for a multinational company.

51) How much salary you are expecting for?

This question is again a typical one for fresher and is the best one for experienced. Way of answering should not be numeric.

Ans.) as I am fresher I don’t have any idea on how much is the effort going to be spent and how much is the payment given for effort. So I just have an idea as it is mentioned in your placement offer details as 4.4 LPA I even expect the same.

52) Finally do you have any questions for us?

This is one of the best questions which you should make use of it in proper manner. Ask about the organization which you want to know or ask about the doubts you have in their offer etc.

Ans.) Yes I have a question. When can I expect a call letter from you?>

All the best.

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