Telephonic Round Tips

Tips for telephonic round of interview:-

This is one of the important and basic rounds of interview where a candidate will be asked on how clear he is in explaining things even when the person is not in front.

Expressions are one of the ways of communicating. But in telephonic we don’t have such possibility, even then how a candidate manages himself to explain his topic to other person, exactly the way it is.

So here are the tips for telephonic round of interview:


1. Always be clear with your voice and subject.

2 .Pronounce the words clearly

3 .Listen to the person on other side with more conscious

4 .Take care that the area we are at have perfect network for communication.

5. Choose some best and clear place without any disturbance from our side so that the other person should not face difficulty in listening to our words.

6. If you are unable to understand the other persons slang, ask for their pardon and to repeat what they have said.

7. Wait the caller to complete his Talk.

8. Don’t talk continuously as if you are saying some poems. Take small gaps in explaining long topics.

9. If something important information is shared through call, you make sure that you note them all properly in a paper.


1. Never eat while talking on phone during interview. This will make words to understand in other way. If you say ‘yes’ it may be listened ‘so’ or even some major wrong assumptions of important words.

2. Never talk while running or jumping. If you are at some busy area when you received call, ask for 2 minutes to be on hold, and then run to calm area, take a deep breath and then start talking.

3. If it is a land phone, take a minute break; ask you’re surrounding members to vacate the area for some time telling that you have an interview now through call.

4. Never speak continuously without break on call. Take 2 -3 seconds gap, be little slow and talk to the other person on call.

5. One more important don’t is wait until the other person completes his talk. Don’t interrupt him in the middle. As it is not face to face, the other person may think you are not allowing him to explain what he wants to. Give time to the caller to finish his talk. Then start responding. If the caller interrupts you, tell him politely that let me complete this and then you can correct me. As so you can politely stop him from being interrupting you.

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