Data Interpretation:

We are providing basic information and hints for Data Interpretation category. Please go through the below points for complete understanding.

Under Data interpretation category we have around 5 different models. Those are,

1. Pie chart

2. Bar chart

3. Line graph

4. Mixed graph

5. Tables

Pie chart: Pie chart is a circular chart divided into different sections. The total data is represented over 360 degrees.

Bar chart: Bar chart is one type of chart having rectangular bars. The data under this category is displayed on X and Y axes.   

Line graph: Line graph is another type of graph indicates the variation of quantity with respect to two parameters X and Y. sometimes it should be curve or straight line.

Mixed graphs: Mixed graphs are needed when the required parameter is a function of two or more variable and the data are to be presented more than two different types of data representation models. In mixed graphs we have Pie chart, Bar chart, Line graph, Mixed graph and Tables based on the given data. It’s combination of all these five models. Just read the data from given charts and start solving the problems.

Tables: In tables data is arranged in rows and columns. We need to read data from table and answer the given questions under this model. This model is very easy to represent data and gives more accuracy.

Now a daysdata Interpretation questions are asking in every exams hence it is better to have knowledge on this. For looking these questions is little bit tough but once you understand the given data properly it is very easy to solve.