Computer Abbreviations:

Below are some of the previous important questions asked in the public examinations. Try it out.

1. When we open an Internet site we see www. What is the full form of www?

A) World Wide Woke up                                                               B) World Wide Web

C) World Wide Works                                                                     D) World Wide Spiderman Web

Ans: B

2. IT stands for ____

A) Integrated Technology                                                            B) Interesting Technology

C) Information Technology                                                          D) Intelligent Technology

Ans: C

3. What is the full form of KS related to computer?

A) Key Block                                                                                       B) Kernel Boot

C) Kilo Byte                                                                                         D) Kit Bit

Ans: C

4. CPU stands for ____

A) CD-run on memory                                                                   B) Central Processing unit

 C) Call power up                                                                              D) Create programs user

Ans: B

5. POST stands for ____

A) Power On Self Test                                                                    B) Program On Self Test               

C) Power On System Test                                                             D) Program On System Test

Ans: A

6. ASCII stands for ____

A) American Special Computer for Information Interaction

B) American Standard Computer for Information Interchange

C) American Special Code for Information Interchange

D) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Ans: D

7. CRT stands for ____

A) Cathod Ray Tube                                                                        B) Cascade Ray Tube

C) Computer Ray Tube                                                                  D) Circular Roll Twist

Ans: A

8. What is the GUI Full form?

A) Graphical Union Interface                                                      B) Global User Interface

C) Graphical User Interface                                                         D) Graphical User Identity

Ans: C

9. HD DVD stands for____

A) Heavy Definition DVD                                                               B) High Definition DVD

C) High Disk DVD                                                                              D) High level Definition DVD

Ans: B

10. JVM stands for ____

A) Joint Virtual Machine                                                                                B) Java Variety Machine

C) Java Virtual Message                                                                                D) Java Virtual Machine

Ans: D