Below are the questions asked in previous year examination. Requesting you to go through the below questions and have an online test later.

1. Which of the following is used to produce artificial rain?

A. carbon monoxide       B. carbon oxide                 C. silver iodide                   D. silver nitrate

Ans. silver iodide

2. What is the first element in the periodic table?

A. Hydrogen                       B. Helium                             C. Lithiyum                          D. Zinc

Ans. Hydrogen

3. What is the pH value of water?

A. 7                                        B. 6                                         C. 8                                         D. 5

Ans. 7

4. Which one is used in power alcohol is ___

A. propanol                        B. ethyl alcohol                 C. methyl alcohol             D. ethylene glycol

Ans. ethyl alcohol           

5. Which of the following is used in preparation of dynamite?

A. glycerol                           B. ethyl alcohol                 C. methyl alcohol             D. methane       

Ans. Glycerol

6. What is the fourth most abundant element in the universe in terms of mass?

A. Hydrogen                       B. Mercury                          C. Oxygen                           D. Carbon

Ans. Carbon

7. Nail polish remover contains ___

A. chlorine                          B. benzene                         C. methyl                             D. acetone

Ans. Acetone

8. What is the pH value of Blood?

A. 10.4                                  B. 7                                         C. 7.4                                     D. 5

Ans. 7.4

9. Atomic number is equal to ____

A. Number of protons                                                                   B. Number of electrons

C. Number of neutrons                                                                 D. All of the above

Ans. Number of protons              

10. What is the atomic number of oxygen ___

A. Six                                     B. Five                                   C. Eight                                 D. Ten

Ans. C

11. Which of the below gas is responsible for global warming?

A. Oxygen                           B. Carbon dioxide            C. Methane                        D. Sulphur dioxide

Ans. Carbon dioxide

12. Which of the following is stranger gas?

A. Nitrous oxide                               B. Neon                                                C. Xenon                              D. Argon

Ans. Xenon

13. Which of the following synthetic fibre is known as artificial silk?

A. Rayon                              B. Cotton                             C. Terylene                         D. Nylon

Ans. Rayon