Indian Polity:

Below are the questions asked in previous year examination. 

 1. President can declare the financial emergency under article 360 but it must be approved by parliament within ___ months.

 A. One

 B. Two

 C. Three

 D. Four

 Ans. B

 2. Article 20 of the Fundamental Rights represents ____

 A. Protection of life and personal liberty

 B. Protection in respect of conviction of offence

C. Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment

 D. All of the above

 Ans. B

 3. Which of the following is related to Article 21 of the Fundamental Rights?

 A. Protection of life and personal liberty

 B. Protection in respect of conviction of offence

 C. Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases

 D. Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech

 Ans. A

 4. Financial emergency declared by ____

 A. President

 B. Prime Minister

 C. Financial Minister

 D. Planning Commission

 Ans. President

 5. Which constitutional article provides personal immunity for president and governors for official act __

 A. Article 362

 B. Article 363

 C. Article 368

 D. Article 361

 Ans. Article 361

 6. Under which constitutional articles, newspapers do not have right to publish report of the proceedings of a secret session of either of the houses of parliament or legislative Assembly and Legislative Council ___

 A. Article 361

 B. Article 361A

 C. Article 361B

 D. Article 361C

 Answer. Article 361A

 7. Tribunals have been mentioned in which part of constitution?

 A. Part Ten

 B. Part Five

 C. Part Fifteen

 D. Part Seven    

 Ans. Part Fifteen

 8. Which of the following article mentions disqualification of members in the parliament?

 A. Article 101-104

 B. Article 104-105

 C. Article 102-107

 D. Article 101-110

 Ans. A

 9. Parliament conduct below session/s ____

 A. Winter Session

 B. Monsoon Sessions

 C. Budget Sessions

 D. All of the above

 Ans. All of the above

 10. Which of the below is starting for financial year?

 A. March 1st

 B. March 15th

 C. April 1st

 D. April 2nd

 Ans. April 1st

 11. According to Article 331, how many members of the Anglo-Indian Community can be nominated in Lok-Sabha by the president?

 A. One

 B. Two

 C. Three

 D. Four

 Ans. Two