Below are the questions asked in previous year examination. Requesting you to go through the below questions and have an online test later.

1. Rate of change of momentum is called?

A. Force  

B. Pressure      

C. Velocity        

D. Speed             

Answer. A

2. Which Instrument is used to measure depth of ocean?

A. Endoscope 

B. Ammeter           

C. Fathometer                

D. Anemometer              

Ans. C

3. AC Voltage in our household circuit ____

A. 135V           

B. 220V       

C. 230V                   

D. None of the above

Ans. C

4. Rate of change of distance is called?

A. Force         

B. Pressure          

C. Velocity         

D. Speed

Ans. D

5. Which Instrument is used to measure the power of electric circuit?

A. Volt meter  

B. Barograph      

C. Watt meter         

D. Wave meter

Ans. C

6. Rate of change of displacement is called?

A. Speed             

B. Work              

C. Force          

D. Velocity

Answer. D

7. Which Instrument is used to determine the intensity of colors?

A. Chronometer        

B. Cathetometer        

C. Colorimeter        

D. Commutator

Ans. C

8. The Electric circuit which changes its direction at regular intervals of time is called ___

A. Alternating Current  

B. Direct Current   

C. Three phase current 

D. All the above

Ans. A

9. What is the value of acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity?

A. One     

B. Two                                 

C. Three                              

D. Zero

Ans. D

10. The EMF of a dry cell is ___

A. Zero Volt                       

B. one volt                         

C. 1.5 volt                           

D. 2 Volt

11. _____ Instrument is used for measuring sound under water?

A. Hygrometer                 

B. Hygroscope                  

C. Hypsometer                 

D. Hydrophone

Ans. D

12. What is the unit for electric charge?

A. Ampere                         

B. Coulomb                        

C. Newton                         

D. Volt

Ans. B

13. What is the unit for Viscosity?

A. Coulomb                                                                                       

B. newton second per square meter

C. watt per meter per degree Celsius                                    

D. joule per kilogram per kelvin

Ans. B

14. What is the audible frequency range?

A. frequency less than 20 Hz

B. frequency between 20Hz to 20000Hz

C. frequency more than 20000Hz

D. frequency less than 20Hz

Ans. B