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Itil fundamental exam online test Online Test - 1 (ITIL fundamental exam) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

The main aim of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is "Delivering Value to the Business". It uses common sense approach to do works and for practice. It enables service management group to provide effective and efficient system in order to meet business requirement and goals. It is applicable to IT organization where they will use different platforms to code. ITIL owned by UK Government.  

ITIL certification has four levels. Those,

1. Foundation

2. Intermediate

3. Expert

4. Master


Two organizations namely EXIN and ISEB which conducts exams for ITIL. The exam patterns for ITIL described below.

1. Total duration of exam is one hour.

2. To qualify the foundation exam you need to score at least 26 marks.

3. Total marks equal to 40.

4. All questions are multiple choices only.


Foundation certification is the first step in ITIL to start career in it. This will help you to understand all the modules of ITIL.

ITIL consist of mainly 5 blocks. Those are,

1. Service Strategy

2. Service Design

3. Service transition

4. Service Operation

5. Continual Service Improvement

It is very important to understand each and every point before how it implemented.

Service strategy is core objective in the IT management service. It consists of below categories.

a. Service Portfolio Management

b. Risk Management

c. Demand Management

d. Financial Management

e. Strategy Generation

Service Design functionality includes

a. Service catalog management

b. Availability Management

c. Information Security Management

d. Service level Management

E. capacity Management

Service transition focus on improvement and development changes. It includes,

a. Service Knowledge Management

b. Change management

c. Configuration management

d. Service asset management

e. Testing management

Service operation deals with day to day activities which are helpful for services in order to provide efficient and effective services to the clients. It includes.

a. Problem management

b. Access management

c. Incident management

d. Event management

e. Request management

f. operation and technology management

Continual service improvement model is used for creating and maintaining the value for customers through good design, services and optimal changes. It follows plan, do, check and act for all the procedures. It includes,

a. 7 step improvement process

b. service reporting

c. service measurement

ITIL service management lifecycle has 5 objectives in it. In that service strategy acts as main hub, service transition, service design and service operation as core objectives, continual service improvement as anchor for lifecycle. These all 5 objectives depend on one another in order to provide value to customer.

In Continual service improvement model we have below steps. These steps form a closed loop feedback system.

a. What is the vision?

b. What are we now?

c. Where do we want to be?

d. How do we get there?

e. Did we get there?

f. How do we keep the momentum going?

We hope this basic will help you to understand up to some extent. Please read any manual for complete understanding.