Online exam 2 - Previous Year Aptitude Questions

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Online exam 2 Online Test - 1 (Online Exam 2) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

Hello Aspirants, hearty wishes to all.

Now a days, as people are more passionate about competitive exams; we are here to provide the sections which were mostly covered in the some of the previous competitive exams like IBPS Clerk/PO, SBI Clerk/PO, RBI, SSC-CGL etc.

 We, as a well-wisher to you are suggesting to take a look at this category which gives you a sample overview of questions which type may/mostly comes in the regular competitive tests.

Hope you all go through this previous papers collection of different types of “Quantitative Aptitude” category which is one of the crucial one to the step of success. The topics which we have covered in this Online Exam are as below:

1. Simple Interest

2. Percentage   

3. Partnership        

4. Simple Equations       

5. Averages                      

6. Ratio and proportion

7. Probability                                   

8. Time and work            

9. Time and distance

We ensure that, our “Previous papers-online Exam” section will be helpful on understanding about the areas which needs to be more concentrated while using your valuable time.

All the best my buddies from your Well-Wisher, Freeonlinetest.

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