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Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

So here you will get a list of online test on data structure, Data structure is the very basic and fundamental way to organize data in a computer.
Basically, we are going to cover all the topics like Array, Stack, Single Linked, Doubly Linked, Queue Operations, Circular Linked, tree, heap, Towers of Hanoi, etc.
So just click the below links and appear the test. All the Questions are prepared for placement in IT Company and all kind of competitive exams.

Why Data Structure is Mandatory for B.Tech or engineering freshers.?
As you know data structure is very important because data structure will help you how to organize the data and searching data on the computer, it the basic. So all the IT recruiters ask questions on a data structure. So you can refer to some good books before write exams. All questions here objective types.