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Django online test Online Test - 1 (Django Online Test) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

This page is all about Django online test, Here you will get all type of interview questions on Django, Django quiz,
Programming questions on Django, real-time questions on Django, frequently asked questions on Django.
Those are taking interest to get a job in Django then they should prepare this online test listed here.

Why Free online test is good for Django online test?

Yes free online test is better because

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Now Why Django?

Django is a very popular high-level web-based web development framework that is derived from Python. It is very useful for front-end development in web applications, It was developed by Started by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison 2003.

What are the Advantages of Django?

  • Object-Relational Mapping Support
  • It supports Multilingual
  • It supports the framework
  • Administration GUI

What are the topics covered in Django mcq online test?

  • Environment Set Up In Django
  • Creating a Project in Django
  • Apps Life Cycle in Django
  • Admin Interface in Django
  • Creating Views in Django
  • URL Mapping in Django
  • Template System in Django
  • Models in Django
  • Page Redirection in Django
  • Sending E-mails in Django
  • Generic Views in Django
  • Form Processing in Django
  • File Uploading in Django
  • Apache Setup in Django
  • Cookies Handling in Django
  • Sessions in Django
  • Caching in Django
  • AJAX in Django
    And advance Interview questions from Django. So those are looking for Django interview questions or online tests in Django then you are the right place. You will get all types of questions in MCQ in the Django online test.