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Es6 online test Online Test - 1 (ES6 Online Test) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

This page is all about ES6 online test, Here you will get all type of interview questions on ES6, ES6 quiz,
real-time questions on ES6, frequently asked questions with previously asked questions on ES6.

Why Free online test is good for ES6 online test?

Yes free online test is better because,

  • we are providing best interview questions in free of cost
  • All the Questions are prepared by Experts
  • All the questions are focused on Interview Oriented.
  • Some questions are frequently asked questions by MNC companies.
  • Some questions are Real-time scenarios.

What ES6 or ECMAScript 2015?

European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMAScript) or (ES), this a scripting language like javascript or typescript.
Sometimes its called as javascript 6. It was created to standardize javascript. Here you will be asked same questions on ES7, ES8 and ES9 like ES6.

What are the topics covered in the ES6 online test?

  • Environment setup ES6
  • Syntax ES6
  • Variables ES6
  • Operators ES6
  • Loops ES6
  • Functions ES6
  • Events ES6
  • Cookies ES6
  • Page Redirect ES6
  • Dialog Boxes ES6
  • Void Keyword ES6
  • Page Printing ES6
  • Objects ES6
  • Number ES6
  • Boolean ES6
  • Strings ES6
  • Symbol ES6
  • New String Methods ES6
  • Arrays ES6
  • Date ES6
  • Math ES6
  • RegExp ES6
  • Iterator ES6
  • Collections ES6
  • Classes ES6
  • Maps And Sets ES6
  • Promises ES6
  • Modules ES6
  • Error Handling ES6
  • Object Extensions ES6
  • Reflect API ES6
  • Proxy API ES6
  • Validations ES6
  • Animation ES6
  • Multimedia ES6
  • Debugging ES6
  • Image Map ES6
  • Browsers ES6

Those are looking for ES6 interview questions or online tests in ES6 then you are in the right place. You will get all types of questions in MCQ in the ES6 online test series.

After practice ES6 online test series, you will able to get some fundamental questions on ES6
Questions are like

  1. How to create a class in ES6?
  2. Spread operator in ES6 with an example.
  3. How to define let and const keywords.
  4. What are the importance of arrow function?
  5. What is Weakmap?
  6. What is Weakset?
  7. What are Promises in ES6.
  8. What is Map Object?
  9. What is the Rest parameter in ES6?

and Many more...

So visit this website, we will update the more MCQ questions on ES6 weekly basis.