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Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

This Blog is for ETL online test, ETL MCQ Interview questions.

ETL is nothing but a data integration tool, Its full form is (E)Extraction, (T)transformation, and (L)Loading.

How ETL works?
Data is extracted from one or multiple sources and copy to data warehouse, then converting data from the previous form into the form so that it could be fit in the new database where it supposed to be placed, this phage is called transformation phage, This transformation occurs followed by some rules and lookups. Then at last stage loading process will be started, which means writing data into the target table.

Day by Day ETL became a very major role in Big organizations for data management. Basically it is used as business intelligence.
So that its market is high, MNC companies are hiring the huge number of ETL professionals every year, If you want to get this job then you need to practice some online test series for Pass the technical round, So free online tested listed ETL mcq online test, objective type on ETL, Frequently asked ETL questions in various MNC companies.
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Weekly Update Means question set will add after collecting data from recently asked questions by MNC.