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Matlab mcq online test Online Test - 1 (MATLAB Mcq online test) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

This page is all about MATLAB MCQ online test, Here you will get all type of interview questions on MATLAB, MATLAB quiz,
real-time questions on MATLAB, frequently asked questions with previously asked questions on MATLAB.

Why Free online test is good for MATLAB online test?

Yes, free online test is better because,

  • we are providing best interview questions in free of cost
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  • Some questions are Real-time scenarios.


The short form of MATRIX laboratory is MATLAB which is a high-level programming language, now called as fourth generation language. This was developed by MathWorks. Why it's named Matrix laboratory because it used for matrix manipulation, function plotting, algorithm implementation, and many high-level mathematical operations.


If you have sound knowledge of any computer programming and understand concepts like variables, constants, expression, statements, if.. else.. conditions, looping, etc.
Else if you have done any programming/code in high-level language like c+, c++, etc. then you can able to handle to learn MATLAB.

What are the topics covered in the MATLAB online test?


  • MATLAB - Environment Setup
  • MATLAB - Syntax
  • MATLAB - Variables
  • MATLAB - Commands
  • MATLAB - M-Files
  • MATLAB - Data Types
  • MATLAB - Operators
  • MATLAB - Decisions
  • MATLAB - Loops
  • MATLAB - Vectors
  • MATLAB - Matrix
  • MATLAB - Arrays
  • MATLAB - Colon Notation
  • MATLAB - Numbers
  • MATLAB - Strings
  • MATLAB - Functions
  • MATLAB - Data Import
  • MATLAB - Data Output

MATLAB Advance:

  • MATLAB - Plotting
  • MATLAB - Graphics
  • MATLAB - Algebra
  • MATLAB - Calculus
  • MATLAB - Differential
  • MATLAB - Integration
  • MATLAB - Polynomials
  • MATLAB - Transforms

Advantages of MATLAB

1) Easy to use it, it has Predefined functions.
2) Platform Independent
3) Device-independent plotting

Disadvantages of MATLAB
1)It is a little slow in the process, due to heavy data utilize for plotting or visualization.
2)It is cost-effective.

Those are looking for MATLAB interview questions or online tests in MATLAB then you are in the right place. You will get all types of questions in MCQ in the MATLAB online test series.

After practice MATLAB MCQ online test series, you will able to get some fundamental questions on MATLAB

Some frequently asked questions are listed below?

  1. What is Get and Set in Matlab?
  2. What are the common toolboxes present in Matlab?
  3. What is Xmath-Matlab?
  4. Explain what is LaTex in MatLab?
  5. How to solve Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)?
  6. what is Simulink?
  7. What is 3D-Visualization elements in MATLAB?
  8. List Out some basic Plots and Graphs of MATLAB?
  9. What do you mean by M-file in MATLAB?
  10. What is a P-code?

    and many more...

So visit this website, we will update the more MCQ questions on MATLAB weekly basis.