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Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

This page is all about sharePoint MCQ online test, Here you will get all type of interview questions on sharePoint, sharePoint quiz,
real-time questions on sharePoint, frequently asked questions with previously asked questions on sharePoint.

Why Free online test is good for sharePoint online test?

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  • Some questions are frequently asked questions by MNC companies.
  • Some questions are Real-time scenarios.
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About sharePoint?

SharePoint is a platform to support collaboration and content management systems. Here in sharePoint The whole content will be stored in one place and sharing the information to others. Nowadays SharePoint framework is used as a web development tool.


If you have sound knowledge of any computer programming and understand concepts like variables, constants, expression, statements, if.. else.. conditions, looping, etc. then you will be able to learn this SharePoint easily.
If you have done any website development any language like PHP, .Net then you can easily learn this sharepoint.

What are the topics covered in the SharePoint online test?

  • Capabilities in SharePoint
  • Setup Environment in SharePoint
  • Create Site Collection in SharePoint
  • APIs in SharePoint
  • Central Administration in SharePoint
  • App Model in SharePoint
  • Integration Options in SharePoint
  • Development Tools in SharePoint
  • List Functionality in SharePoint
  • Additional List Functionality in SharePoint
  • Custom List in SharePoint
  • Libraries in SharePoint
  • Web Part in SharePoint
  • Server Object Model in SharePoint
  • Client Object Model in SharePoint
  • REST APIs in SharePoint

Advantages of Sharepoint

1) SharePoint is deeply embedded within the workforce of organizations.
2) SharePoint content management is not new for the vast majority of companies.
3) SharePoint as a platform is easy to configure to fit your needs.
4) Being a cloud-based facility, all like web features available, you can download, share, upload the document with the given permission.

Disadvantages of SharePoint

1) Setting up a SharePoint content management system is complex.
2) SharePoint can become the wild, wild west if you're not too careful.
3) The platform may not always be around.

Those are looking for sharePoint interview questions or online tests in sharePoint then you are in the right place. You will get all types of questions in MCQ in the sharePoint online test series.

After practice sharePoint MCQ online test series, you will able to get some fundamental questions on sharePoint

Some frequently asked questions are listed below?

  • How many versions of SharePoint are available?
  • What is WSP??
  • What are the types of the zone??
  • What do you mean by MOSS?
  • What is CAML??
  • what is SPS?
  • What is the difference between the farm and sandbox?
  • What are the different permission types in SharePoint?
  • What are the Hardware requirements for SharePoint?
  • What are the web parts in SharePoint?

    and many more...

So visit this website, we will update the more MCQ questions on SharePoint weekly basis.