We are providing some basic points for solving puzzles. Requesting you to go through the below points before taking any online test.

Reasoning puzzles are favorite questions in all public examinations. This puzzles questions challenge you to match the correct answers. Some time it's takes long time to solve questions. Eventhough we will solve it. But it is recommended to skip the question if you are not able to solve the question with in less than two or max three minutes otherwise you are in trouble which leads to time insufficient. Below are the key points to solve puzzles questions. Read it carefully.

1. Check whether any squares, cubes or any mathematical relation.

2. Check whether is there any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division

3. Use your own logic and find out the solution.

4. The ability to convert clues written in language form into visual clues so that you do not need to read the text again and again.

5. The ability to capture what indirect clues are talking about and how to use them correctly.

6. We would advise you to first have a look at the questions and try to solve the same on your own before looking at the step-by-step process of solving the same.

Sometime these puzzles include images also. Requesting you practice more questions on this category so that you will get an idea.