Ranking questions are another type of questions in logical reasoning. Ranking involve an ordering of people or objects based on their marks/height/performance etc. In this type of questions we need to place the persons or things in increasing or decreasing order.

Below are the key points to solve Ranking questions. Those are,

1. Need to understand the given data and visualize structure of the rankings.

2. Capture the clues from the given data in the correct order.

3. Draw the dummy diagram which contains given data for your reference.

4. Read the questions one by one and check the structure which is having correct rankings or not.

Previous year solved questions:

Read the following information to answer the below questions.

A. Seven friends A, B, C, D, E, F and G take a series of tests.

B. No two friends get similar marks.

C. G always scores more than A.

D. A always scores more than B.

E. Each time either C scores the highest and E gets the least, or alternatively D scores the highest and F or B scores the least.


1) If G is ranked fifth, which of the following must be truth?

a. D scores the highest.

b. C is ranked second

c. E is ranked third

d. B is ranked fourth

Ans: a

Solution: If G is ranked fifth, then A and B must be ranked 6th and 7th resp. This can only happen if D scores the highest.


2) If D is ranked second, which of the following can be true?

a. A gets more than C.

b. G gets more than D.

c. A gets more than G.

d. F gets more than G.

Ans: d

Solution: The first three options are not possible.


3) If D is ranked sixth and B is ranked fifth, which of these can be true?

a. G is ranked first or fourth.

b. C is ranked second or third.

c. A is ranked second or fifth.

d. F is ranked third or fourth.

Ans: d