Seating Arrangement:

We have provided theory for understanding the Seating Arrangement category.  Read the points carefully before taking any seating arrangement online test.

Seating Arrangement questions are one of the most common question types in logical reasoning. The name itself suggests questions are depends on arrangements of people or objects in circular or straight line or different shapes. Below are the key points for solving seating arrangement questions.

1. Need to understand the given data and visualize the shape of arrangement.

2. Capture the clues from the given data in the correct order.

3. Draw the dummy diagram which contains given data for your reference.

4. Read the questions one by one and check the diagram which is having correct arrangement or not.

These above points make you understand the questions in better way. There are no certain formulas for solving this types of questions because it's completely depends on your logical skills. Hence try to understand the questions if can't read couple of times and do it.