Banking Abbreviations:

ABB – Any Where Banking

ATM – Automated Teller Machine

BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange

CAR – Capital Adequacy Ratio

CCIL – Clearing Corporation of India Limited

CIBIL – Credit information Bureau of India Limited

CC – Cash Credit

CD Ratio – Credit Deposit Ratio

COPRA – Consumer Protection Act

CPI – Consumer Price Index

CRR – Cash Reserve Ratio

CSO – Central Statistical Organization

DCM – Department of Currency Management

DD – Demand Draft

DI – Direct Investment

DRI – Differential Rate of Interest Scheme

ECS – Electronic Clearing Service

EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer

FCA – Foreign Currency Assets

FDI – Foreign Direct Investment

FICCI – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FOF – Flow of Funds

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

GDR – Global Depository Receipt

IBA – Indian Banks Association

IBRB – International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IFAD – International Fund for Agriculture Development

IFSC – Indian Financial System Code

IMF – International Monetary Fund

INR – Indian Rupee

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

KCC – Kisan Credit Card

KYC – Know Your Customer

LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India

NBC – Non-Banking Companies

NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer

NPV – Net Present Value

NRI –Non-Resident Indian

OD – Over Draft

OMO – Open Market Operations

PF – Provident Fund

PSE – Public Sector Enterprises

RD – Revenue Expenditure

RNBC – Residuary Non-Banking Companies

RR – Revenue Receipts

RTGS – Real time Gross Settlement

SFC – State Financial Corporation

SGL – Subsidiary General Ledger

SIDC – State Industrial Development Corporation

SLR – Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SLRS – Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers

SWIFT – Society for worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

UBD – Urban Banks Developments

USD – US Dollars

ZO – Zonal Office