Simple way, we can say a language understandable by a machine to perform a particular task called a programming language. So It's very essential for those want to become a software engineer or good programmer, in this term we can say a Btech CSE /IT student must have to learn to do software job. But before that, they have to prepared that mock programming language online test to get a job.

Basically, in the IT field so many types of language, they are using to develop a software or application. Among then some are very trending nowadays. like C, C++, Java, Python, .dot net, PHP. JavaScript, Swift, Ruby etc.. So here you can get more test on an mcq programming language like
PHP mcq online test, JAVA mcq online test, Python mcq Online test, Core java MCQ online test, Mysql MCQ online test, SQL mcq online test, dot net mcq online test, C mcq online test, C++ MCQ online test.

Here below test are prepared by IT Engineer expert which will give you sure shot results. So Take a test and make your self as a programmer.