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Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

Here Free Online test provides the best Codeigniter online test. It helps you certification interview and as well as MNC level interviews. Questions are covers practical, theory, programming, and coding also. Basically Codeigniter is a framework of PHP. So it follows a standard pattern called MVC. Model-Veiw-Controller.So this framework is written in Opps concept, So the questions will come from various Subtopic of Codeigniter like OOPS, Database, SQL Injections, Security, Auto-loading Resources, Drivers classes, Third-party library, Error Handling, Caching, hooks, Profiling, URLs URI Routing, encryption, etc.

If you practice these questions you will get adequate knowledge in Codeigniter in all module. This MCQ are prepared by MNC employees and experts. And all these questions are fully solved with examples. So Definitely we will recommend you to practice these all questions again without fail. So you want more questions for advance level online test in CodeIgniter then feel free to email us, So we will provide you through your email.