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Marketing online test Online Test - 1 (Marketing) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

Marketing online test Online Test - 2 (Marketing) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes


Marketing is nothing but buying or selling the goods or products in a market. It includes transfer of goods from producer or seller to the customer. Marketing includes advertisement, selling, shipping etc.

There are 4P's in the marketing.

1. Product

2. Price

3. Place

4. Promotional Strategy.

Marketing Abbreviations:

Below are the common and important banking abbreviations. Requesting you to go through the below abbreviation list before taking online test.

ABM – Account Based Marketing

AOV – Average Order Value

B2B – Business-to-Business

B2C – Business-to-Consumer

BR – Bounce Rate

BI – Business Intelligence

CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost

CLV – Customer Lifetime Value

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

CMS – Content Management System

CPA – Cost-per-Action

CPS – Cost per Sale

CPO – Cost per Order

CPM – Cost per thousand

CTR – Click through Rate

DM – Digital Marketing

DMP – Decision Making Process

DMP – Data Management Platform

DMU – Decision Making Unit

EM – Email

EPM – Earning per thousand

EPOS – Electronic Point of Sale

LTV – Life Time Value

MAL – Marketing Accepted Lead

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

MoM – Month-over-Month

MAP – Marketing Automation Platform

MTD – Month-to-Date

NPD – New Product Development

OPM – Outsourced Program Manager

POS – Point of Sale

PPC – Pay-per-Click

PPL – Pay per Lead

PPV – Pay per View

PPS – Pay per Sale

PURL – Personalized URL

ROI – Return on Investment                                              

SLA – Service Level Agreement

SMB – Small-to-Medium Business

SAL – Sales Accepted Lead

SGL – Sales Generated Lead

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead

SMM – Social Media Marketing

TOS – Terms of Service

TAP – Targeted Accounts Program

UV –Unique Visitor

VAT – Value Added Tax