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Agriculture online test Online Test - 1 (Agriculture) TAKE TEST

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes


Below are previous year Agriculture Field Specialist Officer questions.

1. Which of the following hybrids of banana is popularly known as ‘Gold Finger’?

A. FHIA-01                           B. FHIA-26                           C. PITA-18                           D. BITA-3

Answer: FHIA-01


2. Sowing the rootstocks in the field and grafting on them in the field itself is known as ___

A. Field Grafting               B. In-situ grafting             C. Veneer grafting           D. Approach grafting


3. In carrot, seed-to-seed method is preferred for production of ___

A. Nucleus seed                               B. Foundation seed         C. Certified seed              D. Hybrid seed


4. Crop yields are reduced in saline soils because ___

A. these soils do not allow easy movement of water through them

B. these soils have hard pan in the subsurface

C. these soils have crusty surface affecting germination

D. of high osmotic pressure of the soil solution around the roots


5. Which one of the following enzymes is activated by zinc?

A. Catalase                          B. Peroxidase                    C. Carbonic anhydrase   D. Nitrate reductase


6. Which of the following harmones is responsible for cell division in plants?

A. Cytokinin                        B. Abscisic acid                  C. Gibberellin                     D. Bassinolide


7. Which of the following is the predominant sugar trans-located in the phloem of most crop species?

A.Sucrose                            B. Glucose                           C. Fructose                         D.All of the above


8. Which one among the following cautions is involved in stomatal regulation?

A.Potassium                       B. Magnesium                   C.Calcium                            D. Manganese  


9. Which one of the following fungicides can effectively destroy or inactivate internally seed borne inoculum?

A. Mancozeb                     B. Thiram                             C. Zineb                                                D. Metalaxyl


10. As a country progresses, the relative share of agriculture in the national income is expected to ___

A. Remain the same       B. Increase                          C. Decrease                        D. Surpass Industry


11. A main cause of year to year fluctuations in prices of agricultural commodity is ___

A. Change in demand                                     B. Long term trend in price

C. Business cycle in agricultural production

D. Change in supply due to weather related factors