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image Online Test 1 (Blood Relations)

Number of questions : 20  |  Time : 30 minutes

Important Notes and Previous Year Questions :

Learning Objectives:

We are listed out complete Blood relations. Requesting you to go through the below points before taking Blood relation online test.

                                                                                List of Blood Relations


                                         Mother or Father’s Brother                                        Uncle

                                         Mother or Father’s Sister                                          Aunt

                                         Brother’s Son                                                            Nephew

                                         Brother’s Daughter                                                   Niece

                                         Uncle or Aunts son                                                   Cousin

                                         Uncle or Aunts Daughter                                          Cousin

                                         Sister’s Husband                                                      Brother in Law

                                         Brother’s Wife                                                          Sister in Law

                                         Husband (or) Wife’s Brother                                     Brother in Law

                                         Husband (or) Wife’s Sister                                       Sister in Law

                                         Granddaughter (or) Grandson’s daughter                 Great granddaughter

                                         Grandson (or) Granddaughter’s Son                         Great grandson

                                         Grandfather’s Son                                                     Father or Uncle

                                         Grandmother’s Son                                                   Father or Uncle

                                         Grandmother’s only Son                                           Father

                                         Grandfather’s only Son                                             Father

                                         Grandfather’s only daughter-in-law                           Mother

                                         Grandmother’s only daughter-in-law                         Mother

                                         Relation on mother’s side is                                      Maternal

                                         Relation on Father’s side is                                       Paternal


Previous year solved questions:

1. Navya is the only daughter of Mahesh’s sister Shalini’s brother. How is Navya related to Mahesh?

A) Daughter       B) Niece               C) Cousin             D) Niece or Daughter     E) Data inadequate

Ans: D

Solution:As per the given data,

=>Navya = the only daughter of Mahesh’s sister Shalini’s brother

= The only daughter of Mahesh brother

= Mahesh’s daughter/niece


2. E is brother of A. M is brother of A. His father of M. T is wife of H. How is A related to T?

A) Son                   B) Daughter        C) Son or Daughter          D) Data inadequate         E) None of these

Ans: C

Solution: As per question, H and T are Father and Mother

E is son, M is son and A is either son or daughter to T.